Our team

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    Mark Rose
    Founder/Director of Digital
    I am a big picture asset, the kind of insightful leader who assesses processes, recognizes potential, and imagines what could be.

    The key to my success has been my ability to boldly build on what’s already there, to take an existing framework, product, or idea and make it thrive. I am an expert in the New Orleans region who understands the power of digital media and uses it to expand business and increase revenue.

    I take concrete data, analytics, and history and use them to create ambitious yet feasible plans. Then I execute them well. I have a proven track record of boosting profits and enhancing business reputations.

    My teams are effective, motivated and work together to get results. I mentor others by example and pride myself on my lasting professional relationships.

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    Tommy Williams
    Co-Founder/Director of Broadcast
    Our experience is diverse from most advertising agencies. Not only do we bring over 33 years of retail advertising and marketing experience to the table, we bring in-depth experience in handling large retail media accounts that are promotional driven for direct sales results.

    We can create, organize, initiate and service an outstanding media program for your company, which will increase traffic, and produce sales results. Inside our agency you will find the experience not only to place media, but we have a system in place to track expenditures and results to ensure total control of your media budget, verses your results.

    We establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with our clients.

  • Thommy-Williams-Photo
    Ashlee Cooper
    Director of Ad Operations